Chris Muniz
5 min readNov 25, 2020
Illustration Courtesy of Pixabay

We know that at this moment the threads of the planet are moved by the dictatorial fingers of the current elites called the Illuminati, the Archons, the Gray Reptilians, the Deep State, and the Draconians.

When the elites influence and control the presidential sub-elites of the nations that force them to declare a state of emergency to which the citizens assimilate and accept it as a normal situation, we are faced with the end of democracy.

Live or survive? This global launch called “Pandemic, coronavirus or covid-19 has shown us that we are not living fullness, we are surviving in short terms. Anyone anywhere on the planet can die. So, as this year 2020 passes, the vision is very clear: Surviving in the coming months and others will be absolute because the archons of this world are selling us the idea of ​​Surviving as if we were in a constant state of war.

What are the coronavirus elites achieving? Impose surveillance regimes and bio-geopolitical quarantines on the planet. They are suggesting to us the loss of freedom, in order to live well and they are selling us and we are buying panic, hysteria, and collective fear.

What does television news tell us? That death is not democratic. They hospitalize a patient for any pain, illness, and then the Covid-19 mafia folklore reports to their relatives that the patient gave Covid-19 and died and was cremated within the same hospital and no one was given the body to bury. Undemocratic death.

What is the scope of the globalization of the archon elites? It is to maximize the profits of their evil industries whose capital as the Korean philosopher Byung Chul Han says that their capital is the enemy of human beings.

What real signs is the deadly coronavirus revealing to us?

1. The sign of vulnerability: Physical death and vulnerability are not democratic. We are decided we do not decide. The great masses of marginalized in every city on the planet and of immigrant origin, die. The rich, millionaires, and elite men move and hide in their large ranches and estates filled with pure luxury, security, and protection.

2. The social signal: The pandemic is not only a medical problem but also a social one. In some European countries, the…

Chris Muniz

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