We still believe that we fulfill ourselves in our work experience to discover that there is still more to do in all the work in which we specialize, there are gaps in knowledge and technology and centuries to go to answer all the gaps in politics, and science and all human knowledge.

In my field of Educator, Administrator, management, and business I realized that there is a sea of ​​needs that must be filled with technology and great responsibility when applied to human beings. Without leaving aside the fruits and virtues that only human beings can generate, including love, it is only fruitful when it is genuine among related families and friends, trust between one another with true sincerity, living in joy within our possibilities, a natural and spiritual joy derived from healthy sources, the peace that allows us all to respect each other,

The child within you will never stop dreaming, it is only withered when you stop exploring, investigating, and developing. Let's give the child inside you a chance, write your story, and tell the world what you know. Sit down and write your story, your discoveries in all the arts of living.

The history of the art of writing has left us a legacy, but your legacy is missing, if you don't write it, others will never know who you are, who you were, and how you do it.

One day we will discover that your true nature is not found in the rocks or dust of this world, under the deep sea, but neither on any planet and even at the most remote point in the cosmos. We may discover that the source of all that lives, even us, comes from the life of another like you whose abode is not in the same universe that we inhabit. Whose life differs from yours by a simple line between true and false.

Never stop exploring, investigating and developing, and writing your story, what you are, and what you contribute, since the background of who we are is when we share with others that we become dynamic beings.

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Chris Muniz

Graduated from the University of Phoenix in Management (MBA). Also in Turabo University (BA), Executive Director at Muniz & Unired.