A worker carries out work on the emblem of the Chinese Communist Party in Pekín. NG HAN GUAN / AP

The CCP’s monolithic appearance may turn out to be a mirage and a serious risk to stability

Forty years ago, the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping theorized about the primary stage in the construction of socialism, a period that in his opinion, displaying that long-term vision so characteristic of Chinese thought, would require at least one hundred years of perseverance.

In this way, Deng intended two things. First, to put a stop to the rush that had characterized Maoism, obsessed with rapid development that ignored the country’s precarious material base and extolled ideological voluntarism with dire effects for society as a…

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By December 24, 2020, where families and singles spend it among themselves in the custom of Christmas surrounded by meals, parties, talks, and memories, it came to my mind if we pass or live.

That is to say when we pass or we pass in the customs that have developed over time, especially when it is specified in the way that Christmas is celebrated.

Elapse is the time of the dimension where the events take place. …

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Postmodern millennial beliefs, prophecies, pandemics, disasters, apocalypse, pseudo-science weigh on our civilization at a global level which I assume an impact taking into consideration:

a) Transnationalization and globalization

b) Cultural industries

c) Cyberspace) Uses and appropriations

The characteristics of postmodern millennialism, which I understand as a millennial belief, but which develops under the characteristics of postmodernity. I propose that there is something that we could define as postmodern millennialism, which I understand as a belief that represents the feeling of the time based on some fundamental features of postmodernity:

• Uncertainty as an ontological feature of postmodernity and the fragmentation…

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We know that at this moment the threads of the planet are moved by the dictatorial fingers of the current elites called the Illuminati, the Archons, the Gray Reptilians, the Deep State, and the Draconians.

When the elites influence and control the presidential sub-elites of the nations that force them to declare a state of emergency to which the citizens assimilate and accept it as a normal situation, we are faced with the end of democracy.

Live or survive? This global launch called “Pandemic, coronavirus or covid-19 has shown us that we are not living fullness, we are surviving in…

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Everything is possible not only for those who can believe but also for those who can do or achieve. Everything under the Sun is achievable, which means, everything is possible. If I believe it then I’ll always do what I can

What is a possibility? It is a set of means or resources that you have to do something. One possibility is an option presented to us. It is one thing that is possible to happen.
What does “I can do everything” mean? It means that from God I have the strength and power for all possibilities. The possibility is the…

There are over 1.7 billion websites online as of last year. If your site isn’t eye-catching enough or has certain defects, it could be enough to make your users bounce and go to a competitor’s site. This is bad for your business and bad for your SEO.

What is the bounce rate? Put simply, your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your site who visit your site and then leave without visiting any new pages. They bounce off the first page they come to and don’t go any further into your site.

As well as giving you fewer…

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Dear friend … think of me. I have written a lot. I suppose they will be posthumous works, but it helps to pass the time. Irene Némirovsky French Suite 1942)

My generation, which is the post-war generation and that of those who follow me lower in age, is the first time that we have faced a dramatic, distressing situation that somewhat resembles the overcrowding of ghettos across distances. …

We all join hands to save our nation before it is too late.

The scenario that we live in the economy is only an indication and the result of the globalized, securitized economy of the City of London and Wall Street, in which most of us have lived their adult lives, and which has collapsed ahead from our eyes in all the transatlantic nations before the imposition of quarantine and public health measures, it will not return. The 50-year austerity round is over for the benefit of the free market.

A cause that we must emphasize to understand behind the scenes which origin of so many headaches that have caused the United States…

Chris Muniz

Graduated from the University of Phoenix in Management (MBA). Also in Turabo University (BA), Executive Director at Muniz & Rodriguez Professional Firm.

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