6 tips if you want to reinvent yourself as an entrepreneur

Chris Muniz
1 min readMay 10, 2020
Credit: Pixabay

➡ Read trends, there is a clear boost in various economic sectors and especially in digitization

➡ Avoid getting into debt and estimating your income in the short term, it is not clear when clients pay in an environment of retraction of spending

➡ Luxury self-employment exists and if you find a niche, take advantage of it, it is not always necessary to create large business structures to earn a living

➡ If you are going to join the project of another entrepreneur, study your reputation well and critically analyze the business plan

➡ Create a personal brand by being transparent and showing the growth of your project life

➡ Automate and reduce costs with digitizing tools



Chris Muniz

Graduated from the University of Phoenix in Management (MBA). Also in Turabo University (BA), Executive Director at Muniz & Unired.